Brunswick County Online

Welcome to the online appeals process for Brunswick County. It is our intent that this process will provide you a convenient method of appealing your Assessed Value.

Please note Brunswick County is on a four-year revaluation cycle, and property values are based on fair market value effective January 1, 2023. This means your property value is determined using sales and other relevant information that occurred on this date or prior (usually not more than 2 years). Any sales, appraisals, listings…etc. that occurred after January 1, 2023 may not be be considered for the value that is in place on your property today.

Taxpayers wishing to APPEAL may do so for the following reasons:

Appeals CANNOT be considered for the following reasons:

§ 105-283. Uniform appraisal standards.

All property, real and personal, shall as far as practicable be appraised or valued at its true value in money. When used in this Subchapter, the words "true value" shall be interpreted as meaning market value, that is, the price estimated in terms of money at which the property would change hands between a willing and financially able buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of all the uses to which the property is adapted and for which it is capable of being used. For the purposes of this section, the acquisition of an interest in land by an entity having the power of eminent domain with respect to the interest acquired shall not be considered competent evidence of the true value in money of comparable land.


Items to have available before beginning:

You should have the parcel number, which typically can be found on a Notice of Real Estate Assessed Value, Tax bill or some other correspondence you may have received from the County OR you can also search for your parcel number by clicking here: Brunswick County Online Tax Services. (

If you have supporting documentation (recent appraisals, recent sales information, photos, etc.), they should be available in electronic format and stored where you can browse to them through your computer operating system. You will be able to upload that data to further substantiate your opinion of value. As stated above, your supporting documentation should reflect only information that existed on January 1, 2023 or prior.


  1. In the Parcel Number field at the bottom of this page, enter the parcel number of the property for which you wish to submit an appeal, then click the “Submit” Button. Note: The parcel number should be entered precisely as printed on the notification of value, or in the Brunswick County Online Tax Services. (
  2. Summary information about the entered parcel number will be displayed. If this information is correct, click the “Appeal This Parcel” button.
  3. When the “Appeal This Parcel” button is clicked, the Online Appeals form will be displayed. It is best to proceed from top to bottom filling in the information requested on the Online Appeals form; the fields are self-explanatory. Required fields are indicated by the presence of a red asterisk (*)

In the File Uploads section, the Online Appeal form will allow you to submit up to 5 separate files as part of your appeal. To do this, simply press the “Browse” button and select the individual file from your operating system. You cannot select multiple files as a single attachment. You’ll find information regarding the types of files you can upload on the Online Appeal Form itself.

Please note that an APPEAL of your property may result in the value being reduced, unchanged, or possibly increased.

*Please note Land Use (Farm) Value will only be displayed if you are already in that program, and if so your 2024 Tax Bill will be calculated from this value and not the market value.